Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular contact form plugins for WordPress. It’s free, powerful, and customizable. Yet, it’s very basic. Much of the power and customization of the plugin is the ability for other plugins to modify its appearance and behavior. If you’re a Contact Form 7 user and you haven’t looked into any of these plugins, maybe it’s time to supercharge your user experience.


Flamingo is a plugin created by the author of Contact Form 7. It logs all Contact Form 7 submissions to your WordPress database, allowing to you browse old submissions and even see submissions that might not have been delivered to you for whatever technical reason (and heaven knows there are many technical reasons why an email might not have reached you). Since the same author wrote both plugins, you can guarantee interopability between the two now and in the future.

Sliced Invoices

Sliced Invoices is a quote, invoice, and payment module for WordPress. The benefit to this plugin is you can add custom field types to your contact form and have the data automatically populate the plugin. This makes capturing customer information easy, and allows you to collect whatever data you wish to be able to properly quote and invoice.

Material Design for Contact Form 7

Material Design for Contact Form 7 takes a little work to integrate into your form, but the overall feel is worth it. Contact Form 7 forms are generally very drab. You often have to add in CSS to get it to look like it’s integrated into your website. Material Design for Contact Form 7 changes all that, using Google’s Material Design standard and making your contact form pop. The good with this plugin is it’s easy to enable, just modifying your form with shortcodes. Depending on how many forms you have and how many fields on those forms, it’s might take you just a few minutes. The bad is some of the more advanced features, including changing the colors in the form, require payment. Unless you’re already using the blueish-purple on your site, you may want to make the purchase. Still, the forms it makes are beautiful, and if you’re not on a budget, definitely worth the purchase.

Contact Form 7 Redirection

Contact Form 7 Redirection is a simple plugin that allows you to send users to a different page after form submission. This is convenient for having an additional sales page, message, or information after the submission of data, rather than a simple success message below the submit button.