Valentine’s Day is just 2 weeks away. What have you done to promote yourself? I’m sure you’re running a promotion, whether it be a meal deal, weekend away, or a special gift for that loved one. While the organized romantic has already bought gifts and made a plan, there’s still time for you. There are plenty of last minute shoppers that are waiting to hear about what you have to save them grief and heartache. Get your message out!

Social Media

You have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but you haven’t updated them since 2014. Why? You have followers that check social media every day. Advertise your vacant tables or rooms! Show them pictures of your gift boxes and chocolates! Just five minutes of your time could mean hundreds or thousands in revenue that you might’ve missed out on.


You’ve already made the investment into your website and haven’t updated it since you paid for it. Setup your reservation system or online ordering. Add a nice banner of your promotions. I guarantee will be on your site. Don’t leave them hanging.

Seek Help

Don’t have the time to do website updates or run your social media campaigns? Reach out to us now and we’ll give you a boost! There’s still time!